We Are Energy


We-Do is a toy-to-life character designed for “We Are Energy 2018” celebration day, the event organized at the Enel Auditorium in Rome to reward the 116 children of Enel Group, coming from 16 countries, who won the Energy of Things contest. When We-Do moves to the digital world he downgrades to the pixel form and faces different videogame-like stages that let him evolve step by step to his final form!

Client: Enel
Agency: Alpha Omega
Project Manager: Pietro Ciccotti
Art Direction: Pietro Ciccotti, Marcello Manchisi
Design, Modeling, Shading, Lighting: Marcello Manchisi
Layout: Marcello Manchisi, Chiara Tedone
Animation: Marcello Manchisi, Pietro Ciccotti, Giaime del Bello, Chiara Tedone
Compositing: Pietro Ciccotti, Harald Pizzinini