Synteract Bimbi


We designed and animated  two commercials for Synteract Bimbi, a kids dietary supplement with live probiotics made by OfMom. 

Lactis, Rhamno and Breve are three happy probiotics that carry a tiny plant on their heads: their mission is to help babies and kids to enrich their intestinal flora. When the Synteract squad reach the gut their plants and flower grow and bloom like a colorful forest that protect the children tummies day by day!

Client: OfMom
Project Manager: Pietro Ciccotti
Creative Direction and Direction: Pietro Ciccotti
Art Direction and Character Design: Marcello Manchisi
Modeling: Harald Pizzinini, Marcello Manchisi
Shading: Harald Pizzinini
Lighting: Pietro Ciccotti
Rigging: Alessandro Feliciani, Harald Pizzinini
Layout: Marcello Manchisi, Pietro Ciccotti
Animation: Marcello Manchisi, Giaime del Bello, Pietro Ciccotti
Motion Graphics: Chiara Tedone, Teresa Marques Lopes
Compositing: Pietro Ciccotti, Marcello Manchisi
SFX: Nutone Lab