Level Up

Key Associati/Reale Group

We designed and animated from scratch the selection menu and three retrò style videogames for people working at Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. You can play as 5 different characters and each game is based on a different gameplay and has different levels of difficulty that allow your character to evolve and change! 

In Jetpack Western you have to fly around four steampunk environments and grab as many coins as you can while dodging robots and cactus with different gizmos and power up! 

In the second game, Tower Defense, you're a swordman protecting the princess in the tower from fantasy-inspired enemies like elves, troll and dragons! The enemy's army will increase in number but so will your allies! 

Lastly, if you prefer high speed, you can play Dangerous Race, a racing game based on a vehicle capable to adapt to really risky tracks like the bottom of the Ocean, an erupting land covered by magma and even the deep space! 

Agency: Key Associati
Direction: Pietro Ciccotti
Art Direction: Marcello Manchisi, Pietro Ciccotti, Harald Pizzinini
Concept and Level Design: Marcello Manchisi
Character and Props Design: Marcello Manchisi, Giaime del Bello, Harald Pizzinini
Background Design: Harald Pizzinini, Giaime del Bello
Animation: Marcello Manchisi, Giaime del Bello, Chiara Tedone
SFX: Marcello Manchisi