Agrostorie is a webseries for kids we made in collab wih Citynews to promote EU agricultural policies. It shows the adventures of Zac, Pac and Doc, which are respectively a teenager, a robot and a scientist. Through four episodes Zac will learn a lot about everyday food and sustainable agriculture thanks to the knowledgeable robot Pac, who's also the only able to solve all the disasters caused by the weird theories of Doc!

Director: Pietro Ciccotti
Art Director: Harald Pizzinini
Partner: Citynews, Agrifood Today, Crea
Screenwriters: Mario Bellina, Andrea Fazzini
Lead Animator: Sergio D'innocenzo
Producer: Malgorzata Socha
Storyboard Artist: Maya Mancini
Concept Art: Pietro Ciccotti, Marcello Manchisi
3d Artist: Harald Pizzinini, Marcello Manchisi, Giaime del Bello
Rigger: Alessandro Feliciani
3d Animator: Sergio D'innocenzo, Marcello Manchisi, Giaime del Bello, Maya Mancini
Motion Graphic: Chiara Tedone
Compositing: Pietro Ciccotti, Harald Pizzinini
Music and SFX: Nutone Lab